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Magical Mondays


Magical Monday’s started because I need them!  

Magical Monday’s is just that, ‘magical’, full of Rainbow Bubbles.  Every Monday night you can join a 30  minute  conference call.  You will leave the call with a tangible tool to carry with you through-out the week, to be the magical secret you have, your ammo for the week, a small reminder to be ‘a little better’.

This is a 52 week journey.  My spirit guides gave me a vision well over a year ago to do a motivational/inspirational teaching using a deck of cards.   And, here we are.  A blessing that is simple, it’s something most everyone has around the house. I am extremely blessed that my guides gave this idea to me, now I honor their vision and give it to you.

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Magical Mondays


About Me.


Hello, my name is Kimmie Kay.

I’m a Personal Healing Counselor/Coach. 


Let me clarify, I cannot heal anyone, nor do I make any claims to have healed anyone.  The title simply is a guide to explain what I am—I am a healer who guides the human race to a better place.

Guidance is done through meditation, prayer, journeying, intuition, and other spiritual means. 


My Credentials

September 2017 – Shaman Certification with Sandra Ingreman

June 2017 – Munay Ki Rights with Saskia Roell

1998-2010 – Human Behavioral Science/Counseling/Coaching

· Administering Personality/Character Assessments (seven assessments per person)

· Programs, taught during a normal school year:  Kids in Business (including summer camp), Teens on the Go, Young adults, and the Success Masters course

· Public Speaker, main subject is Self Improvement

1977 – Known since I was 11 that I was “special/gifted/weird”

On-going studies:  Prayer, Meditation variations, Aroma & Sound therapy, Angel therapy, Spirit animals, Ancestors, Numerology, Color therapy, Past Lives, Power stones.


Preparing the Deck

Blessing and Preparing the Deck

After creating a sacred space  I took a regular deck of cards, took out the jokers, prayed over them, and then did a prosperity mantra over the deck, shuffling it 108 times with each vocal mantra. (Neal helped me with this, it’s more powerful with other spiritual people involved) Placed the deck face down and wrote the alphabet on them twice (26 letters in the alphabet 26+26=52).  We will be using this deck, a card a week.  I will pull the card, meditate and journey to get the message from beyond our comprehension for the word or sentence that starts with the letter I pulled.  I will deliver the message that is given to me to you. Simply Magical!