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"I am blown away by the results..."



Pain gone and running like puppies again!  
Here is my story:     

I am the proud Momma of an 11 year old Schnauzer, Sara and a 10 year old boxer. Samson.   Sara has slow degeneration of rear muscle and tendons. Not really sure if it is anything with the bones as well. Her back legs shake when standing still and can no longer jump up or down from couches or beds. It is painful for her to go up steps as well,    

Samson has arthritis in joints. His front left foot is slightly deformed due to arthritis.  All the vets could do is prescribe tramadol and prescription joint relief with added glucosamine and chondroitin. Gave no relief to either of them as I could tell.    

I learned of the benefits of CBD about 6 months ago. I am a cancer survivor and Kimmie arranged for me to obtain CBD tinctures. I began taking it myself, then she advised me to begin giving CBD to both dogs. I buy freeze-dried liver bits treats for the dogs so I began applying various dosages to the liver bites.  Plain, orange or lemon, no matter what the flavor, nothing gets in the way of their liver bites.   

My little schnauzer was use to being out front leading the pack for years when younger. She now prances out front again. I have been so elated to know that CBD really does work for dogs. Samson is running and happy as he use to.

I ran out of CBD for two weeks. You never know the effects of something until you run out. Sara was regressed to where her back legs were shaking and stiff when walking. I would have to stop and pick her up and carry her home when she trailed far behind on our walks.    

They have been back on CBD for just one week now and we are back to good movement again. My little Sara in the leader on our walks again.    

Thank you,

Joyce C., WA  

"It's a miracle!"



My  son put his hand through a plate-glass window. Three cuts in his hand,  swelled instantly, we couldn't tell if the hand was broken, or just severely cut. He wouldn't let anyone touch it-- but it definitely needed  stitches.

Unfortunately with the amount of alcohol that was consumed that was not going to happen. I dropped CBD oil on my son's hand  throughout the night. 500 milligram droppers of peppermint CBD tincture  oil over and over and over again. When he "came to" in the morning I  asked, "May I see your hand?"  

To my amazement the swelling was completely gone and at that moment I knew it wasn't broken.  And now too many hours had passed for stitches. We cleansed the wounds and continued to put CBD on his hand.

A week and a half had gone by and we were  scheduled for an event - Cannacon in Seattle. The team I work with at  Folium Biosciences, knew the story and I asked my son to show them his  hand. There was only one cut on his hand that showed it was was  actually damaged. The rest of it was healed. There were no other  treatments used except for the CBD tincture oil.

In my opinion it's a  complete Miracle product/plant that was given to us by Mother Earth, God  whatever you want to call it, doesn't matter. It's a miracle! All I  have to say

Personal Testimony



In August of 2016, my partner and I were in a severe car accident. No broken bones, but my neck may never be the same.  At the time, I would drive, on n off, 12 hours to Washington State from California and to do this trip I would take 6 advil and 4 tylenol over the period of the drive. It was havoc on my insides, but the pain was managed and the drive was tolerable.

In September, a friend of mine came to stay with me in Portland and said, "I have something for you to try".  He gave me a tincture of oil and a small tub of salve. CBD products. He shared with me how to use them.

I told him I was driving back to Cali the next day and he couldn’t wait to hear my results. The drive usually would take me 11 hours and under but this time I sat in traffic and it took me 15 hours. To my surprise, I only swallowed 2 advil!! CBD tincture and the salve on my neck = pain managed! My insides were delighted.  

In October of 2016, I fell down some steps at the beach and broke two ribs and got cut pretty badly. I asked my roommate to put the Tincture oil on my cuts and it stung like a mo’fo! After the initial sting, the pain was gone so every time it began to hurt I’d ask for more oil ( 250 mg CBD). Three days passed amd the cuts were gone!! I wish I would have taken pictures of this!

I was also ingesting CBD as well, three times a day and I do believe it helped the healing of my skin and broken ribs. Because the tincture did so well on my cuts, I began to put it on my face - but only half of it. I wanted to see if it really worked to repair fine lines and wrinkles. (After all, if it worked that well on my cuts...) Around the 30 day mark, I was in my living room applying my makeup and I was shocked at what I saw (and so was my daughter). The left side of my lip had changed (in the pic it looks like the right side)!